“Ruby’s rich photo of Sacramento’s “Tower Bridge at Sunset” graces our dining room. An iconic Sacramento landmark, those who have worked, lived, and romanced in the downtown and oldtown districts will relive those tender moments through Ruby’s art. She has captured a beautiful moment, enhanced even more by her artistic eye that evokes the vibrancy of life on the Delta.”

LuAnn Higgs – Sacramento, California 

“I’m always amazed with your talent and expertise of photography of nature. It’s as if you’re right there experiencing the beauty of nature itself in each photo presented. The realistic presence of the outdoors should be experienced by all individuals. I commend you on your gift of photography! Again this is such incredible talent that you have.” 

Helene Gonzales – Visalia, California

“I received Ruby’s sunset photo on a canvas and was surprised that I knew and used to visit the coastline photographed. I find myself coming back to admire the scene where it hangs in my hallway as a fond memory of summer in my teens.” 

Kyle – Lincolnshire, England

“With each beautiful creation, this gifted artist caused the subject of her photographs to burst into life. Ruby has the ability to take something one might view casually and turn it into a thing of majesty.  Her respect for nature and all living things is evident in her masterful capturing of detail and color in each piece. Her collection is a must see!” 

Susi Wittrock, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri